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  1. Great article, quick question:

    A person Vapes in the house. A 2nd person comes in the house 5 mins later. Would there be any lingering “2nd hand vape”?

    1. Yes. if someone was to come in 5 minutes later they would smell it so there will still be vapor in the air. I vape in the house and if I go out and come back 30mins later I can still smell it. Not nearly as much as if I’d smoked a bowl but it is still there.

      It’s hard to gauge exactly how long it lingers because it varies from person to person depending on how far they take their session. If you vape your weed until your AVB is dark, the vapor is thicker and will last longer in the air.


    2. I currently live in a large house with a toddler and a newborn. It’s a shared house, but everyone has their own separate room.

      I do vape weed in my enclosef room, but with the window open, the door shut, and no one but me inside the room. I only vape when everyone else is asleep in their own, closed rooms. Toddler sleeps in a room two doors down, and the newborn sleeps in a well-ventilated room in the other side of the house. Is it okay for me to vape specifically like this, or should I absolutely stop?

  2. I forgot to add to my question. I only vape cannabis oil.