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  1. I am new to vaping,not smoking herb though.And for the last 6 months have been reviewing electronic desktop and portable vapes and must say all the portable electric ones are junk in my eyes.All of them really use the same quality materials for build quality.I mean come on,a $350 mighty that alot of users had to warranty not even a month old??Yeah right.
    So that tells me they ARE the same really.I will buy the Dyna Vap,Elev8r,and such and not have to worry about the costs.IF….IF I buy an electric vape it will be a Healthy Rips for the LI=PO battery for safety and reliability and at 100-120 depending where I buy it won’t be out much WHEN it bites the dust.
    Desktops seem more reliable to an extent where That is what I will more than likely buy.E Nano seems good.

    No disrespect to people and loyalty to what brands they like but until these are made way better for the bucks they get for them I’ll stick to torch types.