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  1. I’ve owned so many vapes. The MFLB, and Utillian 721 for example. The Tera easily beats the two I just listed however, please let me know if you guys are noticing the same things. After approx. 1 year, my glass mouthpiece is ripping apart. The pieces are detachable too easily. Not sure why exactly cause I barely used it and always took great care of it. Especially when cleaning. Whatever!

    What I am wondering today is, is this really vapor or is this smoke. There’s no burnt herb at the end of my sessions. That’s for sure. However, the herb can be pretty brownish so I am wondering. It’s so powerful if it’s really vaporing, then it’s hard to distinguish. I’ve looked up online and didn’t see anyone complaining about that but I need to know hehe. I want to avoid combustion as much as I can. Thanks for your feedback and I will still recommend this vape as it’s clearly the best 100% convection vaporizer on the market I’ve seen so far.

    Happy vaping!